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Our Clients

We work with the main retailers in the supermarket, oil, convenience stores, banks and drugstore industries in Central and South America.

The main objective is to attract new clients, increase their spend as well as their shopping frequency. Our programmes combine local expertise with international proven techniques which give positive and measurable results.


Carrefour – Argentina

“We were searching for a promotional strategy which would develop sales and increase profitability, both at the same time.”
Carlos Gesino – Marketing Director – Carrefour Argentina


Éxito Supermarkets - Colombia

“Customers consider it like a game… they remember it at every moment, it makes them repeat their purchase and they visit our stores more frequently"
Ignacio Pérez – Casino Group, Director


TOTTUS - Falabella - Chile

“People got it pretty fast and it was positioned since day one. The mechanics were understood quickly and they started collecting Stickers right away. Prize claiming grew fast as well.”
Marcelo Fernandino – TOTTUS, CEO


Devoto Supermarkets – Uruguay

“We have seen a big restructure of clients, and many new customers… I think it boomed much more than we expected.”
Álvaro Pérez – Casino Group, Regional Supervisor


Carrefour – Brazil

“The customer returns more frequently to our stores, to earn that reward they want, and that’s what they transmit to other people.”
Valdeir Ferreira – Carrefour Brazil, Commercial Manager


UNO Petrol Company - Honduras

“Sales have increased, so people really consider a benefit purchasing a sponsored brand to accelerate the redeeming of rewards.”
Maureen Higgins - Regional Marketing Manager, Terra Group


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